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Have more confidence in yourself

Better understand your children

Have a more peaceful home

Parenting shouldn’t make you feel incompetent

When you know how to connect with yourself and your children, you can effectively use strategies and tools to help address the challenges in your life.

As a mother of three grown children and a parent coach, I have a deep understanding of the demands, struggles and rewards that come from day-to-day parenting and how those challenges evolve over time as our children grow and move toward becoming their most authentic selves.

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Dr. Shefali Tsabary has written four books, three of which are New York Times best-sellers, including her two landmark books The Conscious Parent and The Awakened Family. She is an internationally renowned speaker and Oprah’s go-to parenting resource. View the Georgia DeClark parent coach endorsement above.

Georgia is a wise and insightful parent coach. She is highly attuned with the people she works with, and she brings her heart and soul to the process of coaching. Parents love her, children love her, and it’s because she offers a sense of authentic understanding and ability to navigate whatever challenges are being faced. Anybody who has worked with Georgia will tell you that she’s the best there is – she has an impressive educational background and extensive experiences, but she always keeps an open heart and mind as she works with each new family. Georgia will guide you and inspire you to be your best self – for yourself, and for your children.

Cathy C. AdamsAuthor and Co-Host of Zen Parenting Radio

Coming Out at 60 – One Woman’s Journey | Zen Parenting Radio #317

Parent with Confidence, Connection and Clarity


Imagine feeling confident in your parenting decisions amidst the conflicting advice available in today’s world.


Imagine the fulfillment of feeling connected to your child.


Imagine the feeling of knowing the most effective way to address parenting challenges.

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Connecting Can Be Simple

1. Book a free 30 minute session.

Share your current parenting challenge and discover how we can partner together to empower you to more effectively connect with your child.

2. Sign up for my 12-session coaching program.

Begin to see your parenting style and challenges from a new, affirmative perspective as you notice changes happening in your relationship with your child.

3. Feel the connection shift, improve, and deepen.

Week by week, practice new strategies and celebrate the increased positive energy that results from the tiny shifts you implement.

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As a Certified Parent Coach and professional educator, I have over 30 years of experience working with children and supporting their parents through the struggles and joys of their lives. My clients have trusted the coaching process and me as they have shared their challenges in parenting.

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Parent Coach | Georgia DeClark

Georgia DeClark

Certified Parent Coach

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